I awoke at 5 am this morning with an awful feeling in my gut, due to my beloved Foxes losing at Leeds last night.
As usual we dominated for the normal period of 79 mins until the last 10+ mins when we expectedly capitulated eventually to lose 3-1
We managed to miss many opportunities to increase our lead with our strikers being abysmal in front of goal, more likely to damage the corner flag than the goal… our strikers were so poor they would not have been allowed on the junior doctors picket line…
But then came on BBC the news showing the appalling misery and suffering of innocent children,women and the elderly in Ukraine now 2 years since the poison dwarf’s cowardly invasion of their country. This put into perspective my feelings of loss compared to theirs.
A bag of wind has no comparison to a missile or a bomb so who really cares about 90+ mins of chasing a bladder.